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O &M attention of air-compressor for concrete batching plant

Date: Feb 09, 2017     Source: Concrete Pumps,concrete boom pump

1. Working condition for air-compressor shall be clean and dry. The air tank shall be put in the well ventilation position. Weld and heat treat work are not allowed within 15 meters diameter range;

2. Air tank and air piping shall be took hydrostatic test per two years, pressure gage and safety valve shall be tested per year;

3. Air-compressor shall be started under no-load condition, when it work normally, load operation is allowed;

4. The air piping shall be connected well before open the air supply valve, the piping system shall be unblocked and warped;

5. The maximum air pressure in air tank shall be not exceed the data showed on the label;

6. Air input valve, air output valve, bearing and other parts shall be without abnormal sound or superheat;

7. The air compressor shall be stopped immediately if the following situation happens; water leak, air leak or electricity leak; pressure gage, temperature meter, currency meter data exceed normal data; output air pressure rise suddenly etc;

8. If stopped caused by air cylinder superheat because of water shortage, you are not allowed to add water immediately. Water shall be added when the temperature of air cylinder is lower than 60℃;

9. The load shall be discharged before being stopped, then separate main clutch, and then stop the engine or motor;

10. The residual air shall be discharged after work finishing, the coolant shall be discharge also according to the different seasons temperature;

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