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Items need attention in operation of concrete bathing plant

Date: Oct 21, 2016     Source: Concrete Pumps,concrete boom pump

Summer is a multiple rainy season, it will affect the work performance and capacity of the concrete batching plant. Especially in some Southeast Asia countries.

The air will be moisture because of the rainy weather, We shall take some actions as below to assure the work performance of the plant.

1. Lubrication parts; for example, mixing shaft end. You shall start the lubrication device again even one work shift finished to avoid the rust;
2. cement residue; the cement will be residual on the inner wall of screw conveyor which is used to transit the cement because of the moisture, you shall clean it in time after the work shift finish. If find some unnormal work performance when it is working, you shall stop the plant immediately and check the machinery;
3. Electricity safety. Maybe the cable which is exposed in the air will be affected, please pay more attention to it.

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